Slingshot Foods


why breakfast is critical

Doctors, Nutritionists, Moms, and Baby Geniuses all agree: in no way, is skipping breakfast good for your mind, body, or soul. Skipping breakfast can negatively affect your weight, mood, and focus. Rise is a complete breakfast on-the-go. We’re here to solve breakfast skipping. 

faster metabolism

breakfast kick starts your metabolism and helps your body start burning calories

better concentration

breakfast helps you to have a better memory and help you concatenate 

lower chance of disease

breakfast lowers your chances of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity

we brought together the best to build rise

When we started slingshot, we assembled a team of chefs, pediatricians, dietitians and nutrition scientists who helped us understand which nutrients are essential for a complete breakfast. Then we worked together to figure out how to make it on-the-go, completely convenient for you.

why we beat the bowl

So many of us start our morning with a bowl of cereal. Why? Because it’s fast, tasty, suitable for children and adults, and the cleanup is easy. The only problem is that a bowl of cereal in the morning is just like sprinting in the beginning of a marathon. You get ahead in the beginning but then BAM you crash, you slow down and fall behind.

Cereal has a high glycemic index. This basically means that it spikes your blood sugar, giving you a lot of energy really fast but then ultimately setting you up for failure. Only an hour or two after a meal, your blood sugar drops again, fast, leaving you starving way before lunch. 

Slingshot, on the other hand, is metabolized slowly by your body. You have long-lasting energy. You’re a long-distance runner, not a sprinter. 

"As a working mom, I am always on the go. @slingshotfoods makes getting up + out the door easy. All you have to is pop, rip, pour, shake, and enjoy. So delicious, even the kids will enjoy them."

– Phoebe Phelan