Slingshot Foods


We’re bad at making time for breakfast.  We noticed that the options for eat-on-the go folks like us were pretty meager. Especially in the meal replacement aisle.  Shelf stable ingredients  from a laboratory and a taste that makes you wince.  It’s why we started Rise - at last, complete nutrition made from simple, powerful, natural ingredients that you’d find in your kitchen - all minimally processed.  It’s a meal replacement approved by Mother Nature as well as Mom’s across the country. 

Will, Shamrina & Danielle

breakfast elevated

Ever noticed how certain foods taste great and also make you feel great? We have. In fact, it’s our mission. We make complete, nourishing breakfasts that taste amazing and help you crush your busy mornings. We know, even finding a matching pair of socks can be a challenge some mornings. Let us fix your breakfast.

one slingshot has:

3 grams of prebiotic fiber

as much as a bowl of oatmeal

18 grams of protein

as much as two eggs 

15 billion CFU’s 

as many pre + probiotics as a daily supplement

how to rise

Wake up! Grab a rise and pop the shot off the bottle. Rip the shot at the green, dotted, perforated line. Pour in the crunchy granola shot. Shake it all up and seize the morning!